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Cobalt & Specialty Materials

Umicore Cobalt & Specialty Materials is a worldwide leader in the recycling, refining, transformation and marketing of cobalt and nickel specialty chemicals. We cover all steps of the value chain, from sourcing to distribution, with production units and sales offices on all continents. Our broad knowledge and expertise covers a multitude of applications, in both chemicals and powder metallurgy.

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Umicore Cobalt & Specialty Materials produces a variety of cobalt- and nickel-based chemicals for a wide range of applications. Our products are used in the production of rubber tyres, pigments for ceramics, catalysts for paint drying and plastic production and nickel chemicals for surface treatment. Furthermore, we supply one of the key active materials in the growing market for rechargeable batteries.

We offer a wide range of cobalt and pre-alloyed powders for the production of diamond tools and hard metal applications. Our products are used respectively for stone cutting and construction, metal cutting tools and wear parts.

Our offering also includes a range of recycling services such as recovery of cobalt from customers in the petrochemical and hard metals industries and recovering rhenium from superalloys.

We continuously strive to reinforce the entire value chain, with a strong emphasis on recycling and refining, in order to close the materials loop and guarantee a sustainable supply.